Evan Marks

PHOTO-EvanMarks-Cycling3Evan Marks is Co-Founder of Sungate Asset Management LLC, which is a family office that invests in premier US real estate assets.

Evan is a competitor’s competitor, participating in more than 25 triathlons, including nine full-distance Ironman competitions over the last 15 years. He lives in Manhattan and calls Central Park his “personal gymnasium.”

His favorite event of all time was the discontinued New York Ironman, a unique “one and done” 140.6 mile race in his home town. Like the NY Ironman, participating in RAAM is a bucket-list event for Evan. “That I am also helping raise money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund makes this challenge all the more special.”

Six weeks after the 2014 RAAM, Evan plans to compete in his 10th Ironman – this one in Boulder, CO – which he says will probably will be his last, since his 56-year-old knees are now quite creaky.

Evan is a driving force behind Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes. “I have always had a deep affinity for the brave men and women who serve in our nation’s military services in order to protect the American way of life. My father served in the Army during the Korean conflict. I might have followed in his footsteps had things worked out a little differently for me. Nevertheless, many people who are dear to me serve our country in the military, including my God son who is a current Midshipman at the US Naval Academy.”

“I am proud to make this small personal sacrifice on behalf of the disabled members of our military community by dedicating my RAAM ride to Intrepid Fallen Heroes,” says Evan.